HotTarget is re-branding Threshold Brand and discounting current stock of Threshold Brands - B&M only - YMM

Hottarget Branding Threshold 
Target is re-branding Threshold Brand (New Brand being called as "Project62")and discounting current stock of Threshold Brands (up to 70% off). Target carries Threshold brands in many categories:
1. Furniture
2. Home Decor
3. Home Storage
4. Rugs

and many more

Check your Local store on your next Visit for some nice deals.

NOTE: I am sharing based on what i saw at my local Stores (more than 1) and as told by Manager. So this is for information only. I am not posting Itemized deals as it may not be there at your Store.
 Also check for Cartwheel Coupons, e.g. Till Sep 13th there was a Coupon for Extra 15% on Clearance Furniture.

nomonies : Sep 14, 17 @ 9:20 pm

worth checking out.

jschuman : Sep 14, 17 @ 10:42 pm

Yes, that explains it. I noticed last week that certain areas of Target appears as if they were going out of business, like Home Decor area for sure.

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