AMAZON 3rd Party (Lighting Even LTD) - LTE 10w 16-Color LED Flood light IP66 Waterproof - $11.89

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LTE 10W Remote Control RGB LED Flood Lights, IP66 Waterproof, Color Changing Security Light, 16 Different Colors, US 3-Plug, Landscape Lights, Wall Light - - (17.98kB)

LED Light (54.97kB)

LED Light (99.66kB)

LED Light (71.87kB)

LED Light (302.44kB)
Hey guys, I just picked up 1 of these for a poster in my guest room - figured my family can use it as a side light as well when they stay over.

It's listed as $28.99 for regular price but I'm not sure how true that price actually is.
It's listed on sale for $13.99 but they had a promo code for 15% off a single item when i bought it a few days ago for $11.89 and free 2 day shipping for prime. Looks like they are only doing the 15% promo on 6 or more now but I just tried the code I had used and it still works on a single light 

Promo code: RLDVADA8 

Fakespot shows 70% low quality reviews which means they were probably trading reviews for a discounted price to get started. Anyway, I haven't tested whether or not it's really waterproof as I'm using it indoors only but so far for $12 I'm a happy camper - cheapest one I found online. Only gripe I have is that I wish I could control it from my iphone but I wasn't expecting to with something @ this price. 

Pike1181 : Apr 20, 17 @ 11:17 pm

I am new here - so please give me a thumbs up if you bought or like any of my posts. Thanks!

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